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BayBridge Evolves


BayBridge had a stellar year in 2011. The team took an objective look at their current and future opportunities during the year-end business planning process, in an effort to leverage their successes and maintain momentum into 2012.

Tapping the leadership and foresight of their affiliate partners, Richard Berkowitz and Barry Brant, the company has created a plan to evolve beyond traditional brokerage services. Effective immediately, BayBridge will no longer source home loans. Current loans in process will be managed to completion, but no future residential mortgages will be sourced. Going forward, BayBridge will continue to assist their clients by referring opportunities to network of lenders best equipped to efficiently handle each deal.

In addition, the firm has established BayBridge Equity Investors, a platform that will provide opportunities for individuals, pension funds and other clients to access the real estate market with smaller initial investments than typically required of direct real estate ownership. BayBridge Equity Investors will acquire and manage all aspects of each investment, providing clients a passive real estate investment option. The majority of commercial and multi-use projects will be based in South Florida.


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