Equity Investments

BayBridge Equity Investors (BBEI) provides Real Estate investment opportunities to accredited clients. BBEI invests expertise and capital, seeking to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through investment in real estate and real estate secured assets including mortgage notes, liens, real estate joint ventures and partnership interests with holding periods targeted at 5+ years. Potential investments are made available to select clients after fully evaluating investment expertise, risk tolerance and ability. BBEI will consider properties with both investment and non-investment grade tenants and focus primarily on underlying real estate that is considered to have high barriers to entry in primary and secondary markets. Low to moderate leverage may be employed in effort to enhance return, stressing a focus on return of capital. BBEI and affi liates coordinate all aspects of each investment including management, financing, acquisition and disposition.


BBEI seeks investments that are smaller than institutional competitors but maintain adequate scale for effective operation with a primary focus on off-market opportunities. This approach helps to compete for investments below the threshold of competing private equity investment vehicles. BBEI focuses on a highly customized approach and all property level information available to investors on a monthly basis with full transparency of operations and access to management throughout the investment horizon.


BBEI and affiliates work to ensure that a unique investment structure is implemented for each investor that is tax efficient and in-line with their long term planning strategies. If you would like to be considered for future offerings please contact us today.